Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gloomy Days and Santa Claus

I don't believe I have seen the sun going on 4 days! I love the fall weather, but not sure I like this many gloomy days in a row! Well, it is good for napping, not that I do that mind you..and for staying indoors and having no excuse to avoid getting some creative work done. Which is why I went on a sort of Santa spree...the possibilities of making a creative and different Santa are endless, but to start out on the safer side, I made a few choices that would lean towards the traditional side-

Victorian Santa in Burgundy Velvet

A Pink Santa

and, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas too!

I thought about doing a Retired to Florida Santa Claus, and have him wearing a bright shirt. bermudas, and black socks with sandals, and maybe holding a little bottle of Geritol? - but not sure if that would be a seller or not...ah well, for now I will think about it and we'll see!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jay Leno?

On occasion...ok, maybe pretty often...I like to pick a random, out of the blue character to do...and I never plan it until the last minute.

I decided on Jay Leno...yep, Jay Leno. Why? Not sure except for a couple of reasons- He's well known, and I think he has a lot of interesting features. And that makes it a challenge for me to try!

And so, here he is- just done today, Jay Leno!!!!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Latest

I have a huge amount of clothespins in my supply bin, so I figure I had better get cracking at the designing table! I managed to get some things done recently, one being the special "Beauty and the Beast" character set. I'm making a list of more ideas along this line for the projects ahead, so stay tuned!