Monday, March 15, 2010


Discipline is a not so fun part of life, have you noticed? If we don't practice it, a lot of things could go downhill...FAST!

Think of are all warm and snug in your bed and that awful shrieking alarm goes takes discipline to get up and get going. If not, you could get fired from your job, or the kids could wreak havoc in the house, or someone else could beat you to that half price sale at Macy's.

Or,you are driving down the road and someone suddenly cuts you off, or signals left while turning right... it takes discipline not to honk at them, doesn't it? (Come now, confess...)

You want to lose 10 or 20 pounds or more. There are two Oreos in the cabinet that you found..or you can have that pear sitting on the counter takes discipline to imagine that pear tastes as good as that Oreo. If you don't discipline the temptation, then you may just have to jog to Timbuktu and back to make up for it!

Sometimes I have to give myself a stern talking to..."Debbie, you know that you have 10 orders to fill and sitting here at the computer spying on Facebook friends while eating those two Oreos is not going to get those things done..." Not that I do that, mind you, it's just an illustration...

I have found discipline to be a hard, but necessary part of life. I don't always enjoy enforcing it,but I have found it to have its own rewards- a clean house, jeans that fit, orders that are done and ready to go, and I don't have to eat crow for not saying that perfect comeback zinger that could have started World War III.

Something to think about , right?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Parenting isn't for Sissies..Really!

Once in a while, (jokingly, mind you), I will tell my husband had I known what I was in for 21 years down the road when I said, "Yes, I will go out with you", I would have ran when I had the chance! (ok, maybe not, but still...)

You see, when we had our four kids I hopefully envisioned them being easy to steer in the right direction as they grew - you know, clean bedrooms, agreeing with most of our parental opinions with smiles on their faces,( Oh Mom and Dad, I really respect your years of experience and really see why you said "no"), eating what I fixed for dinner with exclamations of delight, ( "Oh Mom, the onions you put in this meatloaf are just the right touch!"), and never causing us too much hair pulling ...(so why am I almost bald?)

Well...taint the way it is... Right now we have one in college that we never know what she is going to come up with - she changes what she wants to do all the time so we figure she will be in college for the next 10 years....or longer.

The middle two are twins, and learning to drive via their dad...(my husband made the mistake of telling me to ride with one of them on their first driving lesson-SO not a good idea!)-I screamed when one of them tried to park the car at the post office, went over the parking bump, and headed for the window of the building. That will absolutely be the LAST time I ever get in on a driving lesson for any of them...period! (And they are glad too! )

I had no idea most of the talking I would do at this stage would consist mostly of the phrases, "Because I said so and I am older and wiser than you, that's why", and "as long as you live here and we pay your bills, you will", and " What is that dish of mold doing on your dresser?"

Ah well, if there is one thing I DO know, it is that nothing worth having in life is easy to come by. It does take work, lots of hard work, and it takes perserverence. It's not like we can sit down and quit, because life goes on with or without you so to keep working at it is a very good idea! Kids can surprise you how well they can turn out, if you just keep at least that is what my parents tell me. (Were they trying to tell me something?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Improving Where you Create...

I have been off my blog for way longer than I expected...I guess my online business
overcame my time to keep it going since it has been really busy the past few months...( not that I am complaining, mind you!)

Ar any rate, I have done some vast improving in my business and here are just a few simple ways I have done so:

A. Got my own work room- yes, no more working at the dining room table and having to clear everything off for dinner time- I really think if you want to create well, you have to be glad where you are working... now I have a 6 foot long folding work table so I can spread all my stuff out within convenient reach...Hurray!

B. Clear, multi drawer units and containers- no more scrounging through cardboard boxes on the floor looking for that "essence of fine
mist green" crushed velvet fabric....or losing that exquisite bauble that would have been the perfect touch to the finished creation of King Louis the 17th on his 63rd birthday...

C. Folders and organizers for all receipts and lightbox backgrounds- a real nice timesaver for hunting up just what I need

That is about it for now- I can't tell you how much easier things have been with just a few simple changes. My work is much more efficient, and I enjoy where my location is- so my creativity isn't as squelched! Which, if I may add, has increased now that I also keep a full ideas journal for any thoughts of new ideas for me to work on- and I have a daily planner of what I am going to create for the upcoming weeks each really helps when I am stymied for what to do that day. (It's kind of like a menu plan only it's about art work...:)

If you are thinking about getting organized to better your craft, I say do it!
You won't believe the difference it will make in more ways then one!