Monday, September 27, 2010

So Many Ideas, So Little Time!

I am at the stage in my life that if I didn't have a big notebook with all the things I need to do written down, well, they would probably fall into the sea of forgetfulness!

Which is why I am thankful I have a super thick binder full of pages that I can write down all the ideas I have for my upcoming art characters...I get inspiration at the funniest times... (yes, even while going to church (oops!), cooking, sleeping, and the grocery store, to name a few!)

If you are like me, you must also carry a little notebook in your purse, satchel, briefcase or what have you also...because a 3 inch thick pink and white binder isn't handy to stick in your purse. And for heaven's sake, carry not one, but at minimum 3-4 writing utensils because you know if you don't the first few won't write when you really need them!

This little harlequin was one of my "out of the blue ideas I better write down before forgetting" and so glad I did, he was fun to create!

If you want a quick tip for how to come up with ideas for your craft, this is it.... have a big notebook (or two!) nearby at all times for those little
ideas that fly through your head and just don't settle unless you write them down!