Thursday, August 28, 2008

Try This Recipe!

Hungry? Stomach growling? Want something that won't take all day to cook?
All right, I am going to share one of my delicious recipes with you. Why? Because it really tastes good, that's why, and I like sharing a good recipe. Especially if it is easy to fix and tastes really yummy!

Here goes:

Smothered Chicken-

4-6 boneless chicken breasts

seasoned salt

honey-1/4 cup

dijon mustard- 1/4 cup

shredded colby jack cheese- 2 cups

chopped green onions- to taste

sliced mushrooms-to taste

4-6 slices cooked crumbled bacon

1/2 cup olive or vegetable oil


In large skillet, heat olive oil over medium high heat. Brown chicken seasoned to tasted with seasoned salt.

Mix honey and mustard together and cover chicken with it.

Lower heat to low and add cheese, then mushrooms, bacon and onions.
Place lid over skillet and let cheese melt, approximately 5 minutes.

Ready to eat! (tastes really good with seasoned rice!)

And there you have it, a tasty meal without too much trouble!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who's Your Favorite ?

Do you like to read? I fell in love with reading after the first grade. I went nuts in the school library- even though back then it was no bigger hardly than the closet I have now!

I have found a wealth of ideas for creating characters just from the books I have read. History and classics are my biggest favorites. Do you like Jane Austen? The Brontes? Have you ever heard of Anthony Trollope? I have a library of over 300 books and still find that I have a weakness for more! (Can one really have too many books??)

I guess I am curious as to what is your favorite book, or your favorite character, and why ?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LaMia- Something Different!

As seller on Etsy, you get to meet a lot of incredible talented artisans and crafters. One such artisan is Stephanie, owner and designer of Lamia. a unique store that carries an eclectic mix of jewelry designs that are so pretty! Take a look at one of my personal favorites...This Mona Lisa Necklace is so feminine!

1. If you could pick your favorite "splurge" in buyingsupplies for your art, what would it be?

Drop 50-100 on "whatever" craft supplies at Michaels or A.C. Moore.
Or, go to the local thrift store and find some cool stash with only dropping about 20 bucks.

2. What has been the best part of owning a self made business, and also the down side, if any?

Well, since I am fairly new at this the freedom to create is the best and being able to be my own boss. Currently, I work a full time job too and that seems to be my downfall because I cannot spend the time I want on the creating. It has to be done in the evenings, lunch break, etc.

3. What do you do to stimulate your creativity when you get
"creator's block"?

I love my environment and studio....I live in the mountains so being outside is very inspirational. I also like to view other artist’s work and shops in town for a creative jolt.

4. Do you have any specific advice for those thinking of trying to sell their creations?

If you are passionate, you can do it! I think if a person is talented and wants to cultivate that talent they should just go for it!

Thank you Stephanie for sharing some inside info on being a shop owner. Make sure you take a look at what lovely items she has to offer!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Coming Soon! New Stuff!

I took my oldest to a job interview the other day because I wanted to go into the fabric store nearby.

I should have known I wouldn't be able to go in and just "look". It is like going into the bakery when you are hungry, at least for me. Anyway, I could have walked out with a ton of stuff, but i limited my drool to a few select pieces of choice fabric.

After getting home, I felt that familiar urge that many of us artisans and crafters feel...the urge to get busy and create- and so, I did!

I now have four new characters to put in my shop on Etsy, but I haven't yet. I guess I am still in creating mode, not listing. To give a hint, I made a Jane Austen in blue velvet, and a character in plush pink coat and hat Plus two more...and they're a secret so wait and see....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Learn Better the Next Time!

Okay, I know it was mistake, but I have to admit I have soft spot and it's hard for me to tell people "no" sometimes...

I am talking about the other day when my husband and I were headed off to Indianapolis to go to our favorite restaurant, "Carrabas". It is a 2 and half hour drive from where we live now, but so worth it! (Especially when you are wanting to do something extra special such as celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss- ok , at least most of the time!)

Anyway he asked if I would mind if we "dog sat" a co-worker's dog while they went out of town.

Hmmmm....ok, I agreed ,a little unsure if I was making a mistake. Well.....this co- worker brought over a little Yorkie with the worst case of ADHD I have ever seen, bar none! Don't get me wrong, he was as cute as could be, but he was super, super hyper.

He raced around the house like a maniac for most of the evening, barked off and on all night, and every chance he got, he swiped things out of my work basket and raced around the room with them. I lost count how many foreign objects he took off with....I have to confess I was getting perturbed because I was trying to create some new characters, and it just wasn't working...I had to do too much dog chasing.

I lost track of how many times I told Hubby that I would never do that again, dog sit. But it did get me to thinking how often some of us say yes to things we would rather not do, or don't feel excited about doing, and we say "yes" when we really wish we could say no. That's me in a nutshell. I am getting better at it, but this weekend taught me for sure to learn this lesson even better. Hopefully, I have learned better for the next time!