Sunday, June 29, 2008

Creating for Relaxation

I create things. I love to draw, paint, stitch, and make miniature dolls.
Why? I have 4 teens in the house...need I say more?

Creating is an outlet for me.
I am sure it is for others, too. You can really lose yourself when you are rifling through a box of colorful material, assorted trims, paint, or what have you!

My weakness is a craft or fabric store. If my husband comes along,(Which is rare!) he goes into a comatose I do when he drags me to Lowes, or the tool department at Sears...Funny what you do for love....

Anyway, I have past time which I love, and that is reading fine literature...that is where I get much of my inspiration for my art work. I enjoy taking what I have read and putting it into a character that sticks out to me. That is why I love the art of creating!

Creating is a stress relieving outlet, and one I know I will always continue. I think everyone should find a way to do something creative to give themselves an outlet...try it and see!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is There Really a Recession?

You read about all the things going on in the paper...lay offs, gas prices, how the price of food has gone up, people are cutting back...etc. etc. etc....

But while I know these things are going on, I can't help but think the media does this every time there is an election coming know what I mean,"The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" mentality.It happens every time there's an election and the media is instrumental in convincing people a change is needed and that if there is, things will get a lot better for them.

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but the truth is, no human being can change everything that easily. They may make a lot of promises, but realistically, they don't have the magic formula to change what is wrong. We should realize that by now, but sadly most people don't .

In reality prices on food, gas, housing, and whatever else have been going up for years, so that news is nothing new. Jobs are lost, jobs are gained, housing market up, housing market down...on it goes. I guess my conclusion to all of this is that you learn to work your way around it. I know we have in our home. During the Great depression, they had it a lot worse, and they made it somehow.

Is it easy? no, not may have to cut out some things, or learn to do things differently so you can do the things that are important . But, one thing I do recommend is to not do without to the point you become resentful. Allow a small splurge here and there. It can be done if done with creativity and thought. Giving up a few sodas every week may give you enough to get that cd you wanted, or giving up a meal or two at Mcdonalds for a month will give you enough to buy that new shirt you have your eye on. I usually take a look at what I r eally would love to have and then give up things according to my "want it" meter until I get enough saved to get it. Small indulgences are an important part of life and even in so called recession times, they can be done! Give it a try and see if you can!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Taking the Plunge

Do you ever wonder how we get inspired to do the things we do? I know I have been asked that question when it comes to creating my characters.

Several years back my husband made a dollhouse for my mom for christmas. It looked so good I felt like adding something to it... like maybe some "people"and thus I began searching for characters that would go in a dollhouse.

After looking and not finding what I wanted, my brain said, "Why not do it yourself?" and after fruitlessly searching and not finding instructions online for making characters such as what I had in mind, I did my own thinking and voila! I started something that has been a hobby and now a business! I not only make characters for dollhouses, but for gifts and as collectibles...reading classics and watching old movies has been my main source of inspiration!

Of course, when you look back to when you first started doing something you realize how much your work has developed . Improvements , new ideas, and techniques sharpen when you continuously work at something and that's a good thing.

If you have an idea or have something you are good at and you aren't sure whether you should take a stab at putting it "out there", I encourage you to give it a try. Hard work, creativity, and commitment has its rewards!