Monday, October 11, 2010

Friendship, Friendship....

Have you ever watched that episode on I Love Lucy where Ethel and Lucy put on a show together to sing the song, "Friendship" and end up buying the same dress? That episode always makes me laugh because I think it is SO true- no matter how much you may like others, if they show up at an event in the same outfit as you, there is a slight "well how do you like that!" attitude that one feels that you now no longer look original!

And what's more, this type of situation DID happen to me in my college days. I spent hours looking for a formal dress that I was sure no one else would wear, walked in on the arm of my escort, and voila! There in front of me was a girl with the exact same dress on. I was embarrassed, and so was she, and everyone seemed to notice we had the same dress on! I couldn't decide if I thought it was funny or irritating, but to be honest I think I felt both!

(Luckily we didn't start ripping things off each other's dress as Lucy and Ethel did in this particular episode!)
Now that I think about it, I don't think any of my friends would want to dress like me anyway! So I have nothing to worry about!

Just for fun, I found this version on Youtube, although I have no idea who "Bumpy" and friend are... enjoy!