Monday, January 31, 2011

What's the Weather Report?

Here in Illinois, we are getting a supposed really 'bad weather coming our way' report. What is the first thing people do when they hear that?

Well, they make a run to the grocery store of course! And not to be out done, I got up with my husband at the crack of dawn, (here that would be around 5:30 a.m.) and made a beeline for town. With it being 25 minutes away, I don't often make random, impulsive trips- so I make sure I get what I need to survive... I now have enough chocolate to get me through a big blizzard...

I noticed that there were actually a substantial amount of cars there, and 99 percent of the customers in the store were I joined in and told my son, ( who was with me), that one more old lady at the grocers won't hurt! And wouldn't you know it, he agreed!

Now I am back home, watching intently for the ice storm and then the piles of snow we are supposedly getting- and knowing Illinois weather , that prediction could change to a sprinkling of flakes or springlike temperatures by nightfall. But just in case we DO get the bad weather that is gloomily being forecasted, I am very well stocked in food and art supplies- enough to make a whole massive army of characters should the need arise.

Actually, I don't think I hardly enjoy anything more than to sit by my picture window in the work room and watch wild weather happening outside. (Either that or watching the shenanigans of the neighbors perhaps...) It feel cozy to be working on some fun art project all nice and warm with a glass of tea while large white flakes of snow fall heavily outside...or a good thunderstorm.

And now, I am ready, so bring it on!

My latest project, the cast of characters from Gone With the Wind

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vanity Fair on the Upcoming Royal Wedding

Well, it is one of the hot topics of the media, the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate...I imagine it will be THE wedding of the year by far!

This article on Vanity shows some of just a few of the items that can be bought commemorating the big event, including (much to my surprise) my own pair of the famous couple in miniature clothespin form.

Will I be watching the events of that day? Maybe, if I can remember to turn on the television when I get up. I am not much of a television watcher at all, so it would be a big event in itself if I remember to even turn it on!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January- The Start of New Opportunities!

The beginning of the year almost always makes one think of a new year of possibilities. I found myself in December wondering what kind of doors would open, and what doors may close.

At any rate, I take the month of January and do several things to get a fresh start- one of them is to beef up my supplies with things I know I will need- and toss the things haven't used since I had it in my stash for over a year and it's covered in dust bunnies.The other thing I like to do is make a long list of new ideas to work on and set a schedule for myself to complete them. (It can't hurt to plan, can it? Even if we don't always stick to the program!)

Already my year has started off with unexpected and fun opportunities- one of them is I have the honor of being featured in the At Home in Illinois magazine as a local artist. (There' something strange about opening up a magazine and seeing your face staring back!) I also will be a featured artist in the online art magazine at starting January 7th. So take a peek at them if you can get a chance!

Mu husband commented that he didn't really understand the big deal of people getting excited about New Year's Day, to him it is just another day and no different. I suppose in one sense he is right on that...but I still like to picture things as a gate has been shut on 2010 and now I am going into a new year of 2011. I like to think there is a possibility of new chances, happenings, and opportunities that will be different and exciting than even 2010. Attitude is everything I think, and I for one hope to have a good one for this upcoming year!