Friday, August 28, 2009

Susan's Cinderella Story

Once there lived a young girl in Scotland. She lived a very simple life, and grew up facing many obstacles. Throughout her life, the girl harbored a secret dream that some day she would sing for the whole world, and for years she kept the dream inside of her. One day her chance came- and despite many who gave her a hard time , she kept going…. and sing before the world she did! And the world is glad she is sharing her beautiful voice, and will hopefully do so for years to come!

This special character is in tribute to Susan Boyle’s strong will to keep going even though many gave her a hard time for doing so. I created her in a black sequin dress, wine velvet cloak with fur trim, and a small silver crown upon her new stylish hair do. She stands a petite four and a half inches tall and is a perfect gift for the Susan Boyle fan- or as a little self reminder about what good things can happen when you keep trying!

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kathi said...

Love your Susan doll and I love her voice! She is amazing!
Thanks for you comment on my blog today. I'm going to read your now.
I've been looking for the "perfect" dolls for my little beach house. Maybe they are here?