Monday, March 1, 2010

Improving Where you Create...

I have been off my blog for way longer than I expected...I guess my online business
overcame my time to keep it going since it has been really busy the past few months...( not that I am complaining, mind you!)

Ar any rate, I have done some vast improving in my business and here are just a few simple ways I have done so:

A. Got my own work room- yes, no more working at the dining room table and having to clear everything off for dinner time- I really think if you want to create well, you have to be glad where you are working... now I have a 6 foot long folding work table so I can spread all my stuff out within convenient reach...Hurray!

B. Clear, multi drawer units and containers- no more scrounging through cardboard boxes on the floor looking for that "essence of fine
mist green" crushed velvet fabric....or losing that exquisite bauble that would have been the perfect touch to the finished creation of King Louis the 17th on his 63rd birthday...

C. Folders and organizers for all receipts and lightbox backgrounds- a real nice timesaver for hunting up just what I need

That is about it for now- I can't tell you how much easier things have been with just a few simple changes. My work is much more efficient, and I enjoy where my location is- so my creativity isn't as squelched! Which, if I may add, has increased now that I also keep a full ideas journal for any thoughts of new ideas for me to work on- and I have a daily planner of what I am going to create for the upcoming weeks each really helps when I am stymied for what to do that day. (It's kind of like a menu plan only it's about art work...:)

If you are thinking about getting organized to better your craft, I say do it!
You won't believe the difference it will make in more ways then one!


sassypackrat said...

Oh good for you! Making a space to create is so important! I've found that others in my houshold respect what I do a little more now that I have a room all to myself.

Uneekdolldesigns said...

I know what you mean! Everyone knows my stuff is not to be tampered with...:)

Phoebe Brown said...

Congratulations! I wondered where you were!
Now, if someone would tell my dog to 'respect my paint pots' instead of chew them, I would be a happy camper! Maybe I need a shelving unit!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Phoebe, I just got a little,(make that a LOT lax) in blogging. I hope to be more regular from now on! :)