Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cute Little Toads

Well, this is off the subject a bit but my son loves toads and frogs. He has for a long time, and I am afraid it's my fault...

I bought a science project from a curriculum company that said you could raise your own frogs. They didn't say what kind, I just assumed they were the run of the mill kind that you would find in any pond. And the success rate for the kit was pretty low so I figured maybe if we were lucky we'd succeed in getting one set of tadpoles to grow.

Not so...all 10 tadpoles lived and thrived. We did lose two eventually, so we had 8 African clawed frogs that all survived and it ended up costing my husband and I hundreds upon hundreds of dollars because we had to buy a much larger tank, several filters, food, and other assorted goodies to keep up with these good sized critters. (These aren't the kind of frogs you see in a pond so putting them there wasn't an option.)

All of this has served to encourage my son's enjoyment of amphibians and here where we live, there are toads EVERYWHERE. He finds them and brings them in for me to see...(from afar please, thank you!)

By the way, I will be reading the fine print if I ever buy any more science projects throught the mail!

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Leslie said... nephews and niece love to do those kind of projects. I know what wont be on the next Christmas list:)