Friday, August 27, 2010

Visiting New Places

My husband talked me into it, going along on an overnight business trip with him. I suspect he needed me with my gift for gab to go along and chatter in his ear to keep him awake at the wheel...but that could have the opposite effect if the truth be told!

I am glad I went along though, he took care of work business and I got to drive around a new town and find all the spots where I could add to my ever growing business supplies stash. I never pass up an opportunity to go in a new place and look for that unusual or different item that will add just the right tweak to my newest creation! It was such a fruitful expedition that I am thinking that even if uninvited, I may just stow away on his next business trip!

Never pass up a chance to go to a new place and go exploring for that spot that may add what you didn't have and should, it can really pay off!

I wanted to also thank the people at Showtime for contacting me this week and purchasing my Clarence the Clown to be used as a prop in a new and upcoming series , what a pleasant surprise! (Just goes to show you that you never know who will stalk your wares!)


Carolyn lauginiger said...

I love going on business trips with my husband. I can always find things to do while he is visiting customers. I do not go as much as I would like since I have to board my cats when we go. I love the work you do!!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

I never have before, but this was fun, think I will do it again! :) Thank you for your kind comments!