Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Business Tips Round 2

What are some things an artist can do during times when the sales well is dry, or crickets are chirping?

Some of the things I do that I have found to be useful are probably not new to all, but I find them to be of benefit and always seem to pay great dividends when I keep at them:

1. Don't complain..I know, it is hard not to. And when things aren't going to well it is easy to get on the gripe wagon
and think of whose fault it is that one is not selling hand over fist...okay, maybe not even a pinkie over fist. The economy gets blamed, the seasons , the lack of supplies, the lack of money to promote, the website one sells on, the internet SEO, even Great Aunt Ethel on your mother's cousin side can get the blame- but the truth is it could be any or none of those. The bottom line is complaining does little to help and using the slow time more positively is a way better choice!

2. Try upping the promoting during slow times, and try some new venues you haven't done before- Yes, I know, everyone uses Twitter, Facebook, and their blog to promote if they have one. That's good, but there are plenty of unusual ways to get people to know about your shop if you look around. A good start might be to google things like, "art wanted" or magazines that cater to your type of art work. (Magazines often hold contests and you could possibly enter what you do in them. You never know what could happen!) Blogs that center around jewelry, or parenting if you sell child related items can be a good place to try. Never miss a chance to hand out your business card. Keep a supply stashed with you so when the subject comes up of what you do, you can whisk out a card. It will happen, trust me! Always be on the alert for that opportunity that will let people know what you do. (Just don't make a pest of yourself, use good manners and judgement!)

3. Write down new ideas - During slow times one's creativity can get sluggish due to lack of inspiration. After all, what is more inspiring than to have people clammering to buy your art work? But when that slow time comes, it is a good time to go idea hunting for some fresh thoughts and ideas and begin working on them. You will be glad you did when things pick up and you have less time to go scouting around for something to create next. I keep a thick spiral notebook and keep it busy with scribbles. It keeps me busy and full of ideas to interject freshness in my art work!

4. Finally, try cleaning your work space...That is a biggie for me. You should see my floor during a work binge. Scraps of fabric and thread everywhere and piles of fabric stacked everywhere that I used but haven't yet placed back...scissors hidden beneath thread spools, trim and doodads needing to be placed back in drawers. I find when things are slowed down, it really aids my productivity to make everything back to neat organization. Clears drawers that stack are my best friend and the more I have the better. I am not a neat nick so to speak, but I detest my room being in a mess for long- and slow times give me that chance to regroup and make things better for the big pick up that is sure to come sooner or later!

Those are my tips for round 2 - I hope that they help you and increase your productivity in your creating business!


Pili said...

Very good ideas all!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Thank you Pili, I like to pass on things I have learned in my selling journey! :)

lostrootsfoundbranches said...

Your work site looks great! I definitely need to create a space this organized.

dollhouse miniature said...

It takes a real passion for miniatures and dolls to devote an entire room of your house to them.