Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Boris Karloff- Vintage Hollywood The Original Frankenstein

You know, if I had to watch a scary movie, it would have to be one of the old black and white ones. I am not a fan of the modern day horror flicks in the least, but you just might catch me watching one of the the olden days of Hollywood versions. One of my favorites would be Frankenstein played by Boris Karloff. According to the daughter of Karloff, no one expected that the movie would really be much of a success, but Boris Karloff did emerge as the star, despite the fact that he wasn't even invited to the premiere. Thank goodness he took the role and that it did indeed become the hit that it did, it makes for a fun night of watching a classic horror film that was also a great boon to the career of Mr. Karloff. And in case you didn't know, Mr. Karloff was the wonderful "grinchy" voice of non other than "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", yet another wonderful classic that was only enhanced by the unique voice of Mr. Karloff himself!

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