Thursday, September 12, 2013

Will Geer and Ellen Corby

I remember when the television show, The Waltons, first made its debut back in the 70's. It was one of a handful of shows we were allowed to watch as children and I clearly remember being very excited every week when it was time for the show to come on.

To this day, I still watch it and with as much enjoyment as I did when growing up. Not sure why it appeals to me so much, unless it is because the Waltons don't have much money and lived a simple life, and watching Ellen Corby and Will Geer sparring but with in a way that you can see they still love each other was and still is a source of amusement to me. (Reminds me of my maternal grandparents a lot!)

Seeing how I liked Will Geer and Ellen Corby in their roles in The Waltons so much, I created the pair to add to my character list. I do admit looking at them evokes fond memories of when I was quite a bit younger and life was less hectic because I was too young to have to deal with anything more difficult than getting up for school or keeping my room picked up! (And trying not to fight too much with my siblings.)

Good night, John Boy!

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