Sunday, June 29, 2008

Creating for Relaxation

I create things. I love to draw, paint, stitch, and make miniature dolls.
Why? I have 4 teens in the house...need I say more?

Creating is an outlet for me.
I am sure it is for others, too. You can really lose yourself when you are rifling through a box of colorful material, assorted trims, paint, or what have you!

My weakness is a craft or fabric store. If my husband comes along,(Which is rare!) he goes into a comatose I do when he drags me to Lowes, or the tool department at Sears...Funny what you do for love....

Anyway, I have past time which I love, and that is reading fine literature...that is where I get much of my inspiration for my art work. I enjoy taking what I have read and putting it into a character that sticks out to me. That is why I love the art of creating!

Creating is a stress relieving outlet, and one I know I will always continue. I think everyone should find a way to do something creative to give themselves an outlet...try it and see!

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