Thursday, June 19, 2008

Taking the Plunge

Do you ever wonder how we get inspired to do the things we do? I know I have been asked that question when it comes to creating my characters.

Several years back my husband made a dollhouse for my mom for christmas. It looked so good I felt like adding something to it... like maybe some "people"and thus I began searching for characters that would go in a dollhouse.

After looking and not finding what I wanted, my brain said, "Why not do it yourself?" and after fruitlessly searching and not finding instructions online for making characters such as what I had in mind, I did my own thinking and voila! I started something that has been a hobby and now a business! I not only make characters for dollhouses, but for gifts and as collectibles...reading classics and watching old movies has been my main source of inspiration!

Of course, when you look back to when you first started doing something you realize how much your work has developed . Improvements , new ideas, and techniques sharpen when you continuously work at something and that's a good thing.

If you have an idea or have something you are good at and you aren't sure whether you should take a stab at putting it "out there", I encourage you to give it a try. Hard work, creativity, and commitment has its rewards!

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