Thursday, February 19, 2009

In Honor of the Warmer Weather Sure to Come

There are some things I love about winter....

I like the coziness of sitting inside watching the cold wind blow, the snow falling, the pinging of ice pellets hitting the window, the howling of the wind outside while I sit and do my art work while I mock the bitter weather as I stay warm and sip hot tea. And I like sledding, yes, even at my age!
I like the way snow looks on the plowed fields where I live...sort of looks like white icing on chocolate cake! And when ice coats the trees and plants all around...I can't help but admire the way it makes everything look as if it is coated in sparkly glass, sort of magical looking!

The things I don't like about winter? Driving in it, the high heating bills, going out to retrieve my mail and nearly freezing to death just to find out I got more bills and no one sent me any money to pay them!

At any rate, I thought I would share a few finds that will make you think of spring and perhaps add cheer to your drooping heart. Check these out!

This sweet and soft bunny pillow found at :

From , these adorable and tasty looking bunny and carrot sugar cookies:

A pretty and inexpensive touch of spring from :

And finally...everyone needs a new piece of clothing to wear to remind them it's nearly spring!

Make sure to stop by these shops and see if it doesn't make you yearn for spring!


Fran said...

Sure does look like Easter is coming soon. Love the rabbit cookies. Yummy! How cute the rabbit pillow is.

The Empty Envelope said...

This weather has been so moody. I am definitely looking forward to non muddy spring. I have a dog and 2 boys though. There is mud.

Kristen Hermanny said...

I used to have a "Bunny Bedroom" in my old house. It had my entire bunny collection and some old dresses, my baptism outfit. It looked like a little girls room. I loved it. And I totally loved all the wonderful things you shared on this post. I want all of these things. When I get into a house again, I will definately set my bunny room back up. And, luckily, my DH's favorite holiday is Easter. YAY!!!!

Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the bunny pillow how cute.My youngest would love that,shes 24 she loves bunnies lol.I like the rag basket too.I wonder how she made that.As far as the weather goes UGH, I WANT SPRING!Winter is nice at the beginning around Christmas but now Ive had to much, LOL. Have a great weekend!

Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

I reeally want warm weather right now...@_@

Just wanted to say I love your dolls and your themes. They're awesome! ^_^