Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let Me Rephrase That !

Have you ever said something and soon as the words came out you realized how bad , funny, or dumb it sounded? I know I sure have, more times than I care to admit..but I guess that's why we are supposed to think before we speak..something I really need improving on...(which is why I am careful about what I say in my blogs! :)

An example of this was when I was in a church business meeting once. I sat in the back in case I fell asleep, or wanted to make remarks to whomever I was sitting next to without being overheard...not that I would have said anything bad, mind you....

The pastor got up and made a solemn announcement, "There was a break- in in the church office last night ..." Everyone looked at each other tsking and tsking when he said this.

Someone asked if anything was taken. The pastor said, "Well, they did break into Mrs. Franklin's drawers, but they didn't take anything." (Mrs. Franklin was the rather prim and proper staunch church secretary...)

(Drawers??? Which kind of drawers???)

I overheard someone whispering rather loudly to their seat mate, "Bet they didn't find anything in her drawers they wanted!"

By that time several guffaws were heard, and a few even had to leave to collect themselves from laughing so hard. The funniest thing was, the pastor had no idea that what he had just said sounded so funny. At any rate, I never forgot it and still laugh about it to this day.

It did serve a purpose though, it made me rethink about saying things and having them come out in a way I never intended! It's great if it comes out and makes others laugh, but not so good when it makes someone mad!


Kristen Hermanny said...

I pissed off the owner of my local scrapping store yesterday. She asked how my holidays were (not knowing I really have a hard time with Christmas). I said "They're over". Like Whewwwww, they are done with. She took it more like, they're over you stupid &$#@# why are you asking me. I know I didn't say it that way. She needs a thicker skin if she is going to be running a business.
I am going to email my other anecdote.
Glad you liked the goose story, even funnier if you knew my Aunt.

Susan said...

My Hubby sometimes says things and then wants to take them back. He has even been known to go back to the person and see if he had made them mad. He does this often. I guess we all do it. I just cringe at myself and go on. Funny story about the drawers.

Marg Hamilton said...

I,too have a tendency at times to 'open mouth and insert foot'....Oops!
Thank you, another smile on my face.

Chris said...

OMG rofl you should write a book!! I always seem to put my foot in my mouth but I do it so often it doesnt seem funny to me but hey your stories always have me
Chris xx