Friday, May 14, 2010

Creator's Block- We All Get It

If I go in my workroom and see all the fabrics stashed away, and the supplies I have collected- well, they seem to say "get in here and finish that Sheriff on Nottingham you wanted to do!" or "Isn't it about time you started crossing off one of those characters you have written down on your to-do list?" I really find myself at my most relaxed when I am sitting at my work table and finishing another project.

I have heard lots of other artists talk about "creator's block". Do I get that? You're darn tootin' I do! What do I do to get past it? That depends...I often will leave the work table and do something completely non related- like go out and pull weeds out of my flowers, or watch HGTV for a short bit, go for a walk, or -(one of my favorites) pull a book off my shelf and lose myself for while in a well written classic or bit of history. Sometimes I will even go as far as not to make a thing for a few days just to get away from the pressure of trying to make myself do what I think I should be doing.

I think the trick to keeping oneself from becoming too bogged down with always trying to be creative is to just let things be. If you don't feel like doing it, don't. Walk away a bit- however long you need to. Do something else for awhile, something fun, maybe even a bit out of the ordinary for you.

If ideas are your problem, then go look for them. Look through books or other places to get inspired,and keep an ideas notebook. I have a big binder that I have filled with pages of ideas and thoughts on projects I want to do. If I reach a blank, I reach for the notebook, and it jump starts my brain into getting busy.

What do YOU do when you reach that creative slump?

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Phoebe Brown said...

I do just about what you do! My garden has been calling me lately. Sometimes when I'm drawing, the picture doesn't seem to go how I'd like, and I have to walk away for a while. I find when I'm in a creative mode, I have to re work my drawing to acquire the effect I am looking for.

I have my books, and also, I work in wool, and some minor crafts. I keep my easel in the living room, so I can look at what I am doing while I'm doing other things.