Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who's Your Favorite ?

Do you like to read? I fell in love with reading after the first grade. I went nuts in the school library- even though back then it was no bigger hardly than the closet I have now!

I have found a wealth of ideas for creating characters just from the books I have read. History and classics are my biggest favorites. Do you like Jane Austen? The Brontes? Have you ever heard of Anthony Trollope? I have a library of over 300 books and still find that I have a weakness for more! (Can one really have too many books??)

I guess I am curious as to what is your favorite book, or your favorite character, and why ?

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Kylie B said...

I love reading too, I have so many books and also so many faviouts, I will have to have a think for just 1