Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stocking Stuffers

With the holidays coming up, I bet some of you out there could use a few not too expensive ideas and also unique items for stocking stuffers. You know, besides the oranges, walnuts, and new toothbrush most end up getting? Spice it up this year and get some things they will still be talking about next year!

Visit Amy Jo's Handmade and see this ....

This "stuffed taco" is sure to be a hit with a mexican food lover on your list! Who wouldn't want something this cute in their stocking?

A man is often tough to find things for, but we women know that we like a man to smell good when he is near, so this bay rum goat's milk soap is a great stuffer for any guy's stocking!

You will find it and more at CarvelCountrySoaps:

While you are at it, remember that most any one on your list can use some refreshing and moisturizing lotion. No matter what climate you live in, lotion is a nice luxury to have on hand, and even better when it smells like mint and rosemary! How refreshing is that?

Pick some up from BL Soaps and don't forget to get a few extra for yourself!

I have one more cute stocking stuffer to show you-

But first, let me ask you, do you like S'mores?
You know, the graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate all mushed together in a wonderful and high calorie delight? Of course you do!

But who wants the calories along with it? (Well, I guess I don't really care when I am eating one!) But one way to have a S'more in your hand and have it not add one more pound to the hips is this S'more notebook from Refresh:

Who couldn't use a notebook to carry with them in case you need to write something really important down? (Like your mother -in-law's birthday, or a reminder not to forget what it was you are supposed to remember not to forget! )

There are so many wonderful little ideas at Etsy for stocking stuffers...but the time is now to get them or you may be shedding tears of remorse that you didn't act sooner!


Anonymous said...

First of all yum the mini smores.Oh they look good.I love the shea butter lotion as well.Cute ideas.Thanks for sharing!

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

I have found so many great stocking stuffer ideas at Etsy too. I'm becoming addicted to Etsy, I think! I especially like the Scrabble tile pendants for girls (perfect for tweens) and all the magnet possibilities.

Happy Holidays!

Chris said...

Well I haven't seen Smores but they look as if they would taste yummy, but then anything that looks remotely like a biscuit or sweetie looks yummy to
Thanks for sharing the gift ideas too, there are some fab things there :D
I have a little something for you on my blog with an invite to the Oscars if you have time :D
Keep warm
Chris xx