Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Silly Goose!

I was thinking today how many times I have gotten myself in the most ridiculous predicaments one could imagine. Yes, I have and still do ...even though by now you would think a woman of my accumulated wisdom and maturity would not get into such situations- not so....

Take one summer when we lived in Indiana. It was a warm spring day. My then about 6 year old daughter came running in and saying a goose was chasing her. Huh? In a suburban neighborhood with no pond nearby? I go outside, and sure enough, there was a goose sitting by the fence of our home. What in the world it was doing there, I have no idea, but I suppose it could have had a nest or something nearby and was just guarding things.
I said, "Well stay away from it and maybe it will go away.." Next thing I know that goose takes off and chases my little girl and "bites' her on the leg. Ok, now that made me mad! I go, get a broom, and tried shooing it without hitting it. That goose didn't budge.

I thought about getting our new dog out and letting him chase the goose out of our yard, until I remembered our dog was just a pup, and would probably do nothing to scare the goose off. So, I go in and call animal welfare. Basically I was told I could do nothing to it, even though it was biting and chasing anyone who even so much as walked by. I didn't want to hurt it, I told them, I just wanted someone to get rid of it out of my yard. No help there, so I decided I would do things myself.

I brilliantly figured I could start up our push mower and chase it off the property by the noise and such. So... I started it up , started "chasing " the goose, and ended up mowing my entire front lawn and the goose went right back to his spot and sat down as if he were mocking me.... By this time, I was embarrassed and exasperated because the neighbors were actually coming out to watch the show.

It was then I remembered that my neighbor had two big old Bassett Hounds, (which never went for walks mind you!) and so I went to her door, knocked , and said, "Could I borrow your leash and use one of your dogs to chase this goose out of our yard? She gave me the leash attached to the dog and before I knew it, the dog took off like greased lightening. I actually lost my footing and fell, but I hung on like no tomorrow because that dog was chasing that goose and I didn't dare let go and lose the neighbor would have never forgiven me!
You know, that dog ran and ran and ran and I ended up going so far up into the neighborhood that it took me a while to walk back. I had to dig my heels in and almost sit to keep the Bassett Hound from taking me into the next town...

My face sure was red when I got back, from heat, frustration, from embarrassment at being the neighborhood clown, and the truth be known...from laughing at myself for being a cheap source of entertainment for the neighbors . The good news was that goose left and never came back, there was no nest to be found, and I made everyone around me laugh, so I was glad to be of some assistance, even at my own expense!


Wanda said...

Hi, thanks for the visit. I enjoyed your goose story, it kinda reminded me of when my cat was heading for the back door with a "huge " snake draped in his mouth. I didn't know what to do, but I knew I didn't want that snake in my house. So I screamed and ran and beat the cat to the house locked the door and waited the rest of the day for my hubby to come home and check things out. Kitty never did that again but the thing that has always got me was I was holding her and kissing her face just before the snake incident. lol TTFN

Chris said...

OMG what predicaments you get yourself into my friend... but in a way I'm glad you do sometimes because your stories have the feel good factor for me and you have me howling with laughter... gotta wipe the tears from my face yet again!!
Chris xx

littlethings1 said...

What an ordeal !!! I guess we never know what life will bring us , but I think they are also great memories !! I remember when my four youngset were all teenagers at one time .... I was a single parent & they kept me hopping and kept life interesting!My kitties have brought birds to my back door but thank God not a snake , I hate snakes ...yikes !!! Your dolls are amazing ! Thanks for visiting my blog!
The Little Things

Leslie said...

Great story! Hilarious! I laughed so hard I have tears rolling down my cheeks. I always seem to find myself in the most ridiculous situations too. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel Ritter said...

I really do not like geese. They look pretty flying overhead, but once they land, they leave their nasty black poop everywhere. NO FUN I tell you. :)

Sidewing Creations said...

I loved the story! I was once faced with a garden snake in the house and a dog more frightened than me! I ended up calling a neighbor's son to come and get it. I was embarrassed and had to take a bit of teasing from the neighbors and my family. I think laughter is good for us, even if its at our own expense!!!

Kristen Hermanny said...

Geese are mean! My mom and her brother used to throw my mom's sister outside and let their goose chase her around the house so they could get to school in the morning. My mom says that the goose was the best watchdog a family could have. My aunt would have to run and run and run around the house until my grandma would finally let her in the back door.