Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time For Some Lemonade!

Yes, that time is nearly upon us...when the temperature goes up, and a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade would be most refreshing!

I remember when I was just a young teen, so young that I hadn't a clue about making fresh lemonade from lemons. And of all things, I got a job at a health food restaurant opened by a lady who was , how can I say it? She was not a nice person...she put me behind a counter where I was to make the tea and drinks.

One day she stormed in and barked.."Make some lemonade.." and just handed me a sack of lemons. I was too terrified to ask her how, and she didn't ask me if I knew how or tell me how to do it. So, you guessed it, I spent ALL morning squeezing lemon juice into a pitcher, adding some honey into it, and that was it. You can imagine what happened when a customer ordered it and tasted it. Talk about getting chewed out! ! That was an understatement! That job didn't last long, I can tell you! LOL

Anyway, in honor of that sunny, citrus refreshment, I have found some cute and unique finds that reflect that wonderful summer drink. Think about taking a look at these shops to maybe brighten the fading winter blahs, and add some zest to your day!

Pink Lemonade Bunny Slippers:

Made by Emandsprout at Etsy

Lemonade Olive oil Shea Butter Soap:

Made by CrazyKBathandBody at Etsy

A really unique recycled purse from lemon-pineappleade containers:

Made by OhNoUDidntDesigns at Etsy

And finally, this cute little teacup coin pouch purse:

Made by hmmmbymel at Etsy

Enjoy! (And PLEASE don't drink the lemonade I make! )


Kristen Hermanny said...

These are like lemonade and pink lemonade in one fruity slipper!!! Very cute! I think I worked for this woman too. At a couple different locations! One lady (who's dad owned the business) used to say EVERY Friday to me, "Why don't you call on Monday, to make sure you still have a job here with us". What a nice start to the weekend. UGG! I think I am going to put some other Bad Bosses up on the wall of shame on my blog now, thanks for a great idea for a post!

hugz and have a GREAT day!!!

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, lemon juice and honey!?

Cute finds! The little bunny slippers are adorable!