Friday, September 25, 2009

Prankster at Heart

Ok, so I admit it...I am a middle aged lady that has never grown up.... and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I still enjoy a good prank, even at my expense- which admittedly doesn't happen too often since most people I know are too mature to play pranks.

Take the time I decided to call my mom. Disguising my voice I said, "Mrs. Staggs? This is WXLZ radio station and we're calling you with a thousand dollar question. If you can tell us the first letter of the alphabet- you will win 1000 dollars!"

Long pause on the end of the mom finally said, "I find that hard to believe"

"It's true Mrs. Staggs" says I.

"'s A", she said.

Long pause...then I said, "Mom? it's me..."

She felt embarrassed for falling for it, and I felt just a wee bit guilty for raising her hopes in winning 1000 dollars, but I also knew she knew me pretty well and was used to it. So, she still laughs about that prank from time to time- which is good I guess! I haven't been disinherited...yet!

And one of the secrets of staying married for 21 years and actually enjoying it? Humor, of course, what else? Yes, my husband has suffered from time to time from my when I hid behind the shower curtain and then jumped out at him when he came in the bathroom....or the time I ran towards him while he sat reclined in his Lazy Boy recliner all tipped back- and I leaped into his lap, only to cause the chair to do a complete backward flip and we both landed laying backwards on the floor. To this day, when he sees me coming toward him in his chair , he sits it up immediately and puts both feet on the floor...just in case.

And lest you think me one sided, I take pranks on myself quite well...most of the time. My son once came running up the stairs with his arm all bent backwards and said "Mom, I think it's broken"...ummm, not funny to a mother. But after I realized he was kidding, I laughed weakly....sort of.

Just remember that humor is essential to your life if you want to get through it without becoming sour. There is a time to be serious, and there is a time to laugh. Timing is everything!


Marg Hamilton said...

It's true when they say 'Laughter is the Best Medicine'....I laughed.I feel better already!

Gumshoe Gal said...

This was quite funny! I joke all the time and it's good to know I'm not the only one out there who do not act her age =).

Uneekdolldesigns said...

I love laughter and joking- it really eases the hard knocks in life we have to deal with at times!