Sunday, September 20, 2009

Save Money on Books

For all of you who are like me, a bookworm, it can get pretty pricey to go out and buy a new book every time the whim hits to add to your collection. I ran across this website called and have now discovered a way to get books I would like to have to add to my growing shelves.

The way it basically works is this: you have books you want to get rid of- you register free list them free at this website. When someone wants what you have, you get a credit for each book - which in turn means you can then find books you would like and request them from the one who has them. They send them, they get a credit.

This website is very easy to navigate, and I have only been there about a week and already have gotten rid of nearly 20 books I no longer need, and am in the process of getting some that I would love to read. All for whatever the media rate is for me to send my unwanted books to someone who does!

They also have sister websites for getting rid of dvds you no longer want: and for cds you no longer want:

If you don't find what you are looking for on any of these sites, they have a wish list you can add your wants on and it puts you in line to be contacted when something becomes available. Pretty cool, and it will save you money on building your library!


DollMum said...

I find it difficult to let go of my books, every now and then I sort the shelves and perhaps remove a book or few to donate to a sale, but mostly I hang onto them, and add (not always new, often church or charity shop book sales turn up treasures I'm after). So besides having a house containing 3 dolls houses, a room box and lots of dolls, it also contains probably about 2000 books (we've never counted).

Uneekdolldesigns said...

WOW ! 2000 books??? That sure is a lot! You should open up your own library! LOL

I have a full library, but most of what I swap is what my kids no longer want! :)