Friday, April 8, 2011

Buck the Patient Hound Dog

We got our dog Buck way back about 10 years ago when he was a little pup sitting in the corner of a pen at the Humane Society. Little did I know how big he would get, but now I don't care. ..I am actually glad he was a good sized dog, he has done more than his share of scaring off strangers who walked behind our house on occasion!

He is an outdoor dog, and with good reason- his fur is that of an Alaskan Husky in the winter and sheds tremendously in the summer. (And may I add, he is a spoiled mutt at that. He has a super deluxe well built solid wood dog house with tiled roof, built-in heater, patio chair cushions, the best dog house I have ever seen - all designed by my engineer husband, (who tries to pretend he doesn't like the dog, but I think he does!)

At any rate, the thing I enjoy most is his very patient disposition. As you can see by posted pictures, he allows us to dress him in the most ridiculous hats and other costumes, and even holds for pictures. (One year we even made a full calendar of him in different themes for each month...not easy, but a lot of fun (for us anyway!)

If only we could all be so laid back!


Sarah said...

Oh, what a beautiful dog that you have! I'm such a dog lover, these pics are adorable! I found you via the Etsy Business Team and I'm glad I did. :)


libu said...

adorable!!!! I'm a sucker for dogs!!!!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Why thank you Sarah, Buck would be most flattered to hear your kind words! :)

Phoebe Brown said...

Too bad he's an outdoor dog, if he were with me, I'd probably make him a lap dog with mine! He's beautiful!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

He tries to be a lap dog once in a while, but at close to 100 pounds, I can't fit him in...LOL!

He has such a thick coat of fur, he doesn't like being inside for long! :)