Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When the Lights Go Out....

We had quite the storm pass through last night, the power actually went out and there all six of us the dark in various parts of the house- except for the glow of my four near adult children's hand held games they used as flashlights to find the family room where I was...somehow it wasn't real cozy feeling that way!

I tried to remember where I stashed my candles but since I couldn't remember right away, I broke down and lit the decorative candles that have been sitting on our mantle. So much for keeping them in perfect decorative shape for years to come. I had to light them so I could make sure we didn't stumble and fall on each other. Husband sat next to me on the couch as we all sat watching the candles flicker, and I told him how romantic it was sitting there in the glow of the candles...but somehow he didn't buy it since our four children were crowded on the couch too, playing their electronic gadgets. (Sigh, oh well..)

After an hour and the power was still off, husband gave up and went to bed, even though it was only 8:30 (according to our trusty cell phones). So there I sat with everyone silently playing games and I couldn't do anything else to do for lack of sufficient light.

I finally decided to pull up a chair at the dining room table and began to read part of Dickens's ' A Tale of Two Cities' by the glow of a small candle- no easy task mind you. I had to keep turning the book towards the candle light just at the right angle to be able to see what I was reading. And if it did anything, it made me appreciate all the more the modern conveniences we take for granted. I kind of liked reading by candle light, but I sure do like a good lamp much better!

Thank goodness for the privilege of living in the 21st century!

Charles Dickens himself!

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