Sunday, April 24, 2011

Laura Ingalls and Her Legacy

I love the Little House on the Prairie books, all of them! I read them years ago, have read them several times since then, and confess that even now that I am much older, I still like to take them out and read them. Being an avid history fan of almost any kind, anything related to the way of life and adventures of various pioneers always captures my attention. Laura Ingalls Wilder has left us a treasured legacy in the telling of pioneer life as it was when she was growing up!

She was a most interesting author and I do believe I have read just about every biography book about her and her family- which is what inspired me to create some of the family members themselves.
Charles and Caroline, her parents, were recently finished this past week,

I added Laura and Almanzo based on photos taken at their time of marriage,

and I had to do a little miniature of Laura as I pictured her being a young girl.

Stay tuned, because I may just add some more characters to this theme, that's the fun of doing the art work that I do- I never know who I will get a fancy to make next!

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Phoebe Brown said...

Love the new ones, and I enjoyed the stories too!