Friday, April 24, 2009

Books, Books, Books

I love books...all kinds, but especially the classics and well written history. (Not that you couldn't tell that by looking at what I design)- but I can clearly remember how it all started...

I never went to kindergarten, I went straight to first grade. I think I may have been at a slight disdavantage, because I seemed to be of the few who really didn't know much about reading. I remember the teacher on the first day sitting me at a back table, opening a basic reader, pointing to a word and asking me what it was. I stuttered over it and after a few pages of that, she huffed and said basically "you can't read, you are in the "green" group." That somehow seemed an insult the way she said it. It was the lowest group in the class, but I do remember that by the end of that year, I was in the top group, and by second grade when I discovered the school library, well, I went sailing past with flying colors. My favorites were stories like Grimm's Fairy Tales,Wizard of Oz, and Little House on the Prairie.

Snow White and Rose Red:

I fell in love with reading, and have kept it up ever since. I read all the time, and often have several books going at once. I have spent many an hour that way!

Charles Dickens:

About 8 years ago, my hubby gave me part of my dream by buying me about 5 ceiling high oak bookshelves for me to start filling up. He knew I had always wished for a library of my own to have all the books I wished I had read. And as of today, I have over 350 books on the shelves- and have been trying to work my way through them in between the days and happenings of life.

Maybe not everyone likes to read- and there are a lot of books that are, shall we say,"rubbish"? But one can't deny that a well written book is like taking a trip.. you can go places and meet people and learn things you would never dream of! And that's hard to beat! So get to reading!


The Empty Envelope said...

I LOVE books and one of the reasons I am so drawn to your art is how you incorporate so many fantastic things I love into it. I'm drooling over the thought of your bookshelves. My 8 year old is turning into quite the reader as well and I'm finding it hard to deny him books. He wants BOOKS!

Amanda said...

*love* books - I had all the little house on the prairies series.. :)