Monday, April 20, 2009

The Lipstick Factor

I was talking to my sister one day and we were talking about how when money was tight how we hate not buying anything. Cutting back is one thing, but eliminating any luxuries at all is a real bummer.I was told that when people buy something even in the hsrdest of times, it is called the "lipstick factor".

Evidently during the Depression and even the World War II years, many women got tired of cutting back and doing without all the time, so they looked for some small way to compensate by buying a little something to make them feel not so deprived. They would buy something affordable, yet make them feel as if they had splurged-therefore, lipstick was often bought because it was a luxury- but affordable. I like that idea! I do the same thing as a matter of fact!

When I have little money, I don't let it stop me from buying everything cold turkey. I may buy some new fabric, a chocolate bar, some new make up, or even something I have my eye on at Etsy- I just wait till I need a little something special after cutting corners until I start to feel deprived.

Now mind you , a new car , a new leather sofa, diamond necklace, a cruise to Alaska, and a cleaning maid would be nice pick-me-ups ...but certainly not feasible. So, I think of a little something that will feel like a little luxury, but not cause me guilt knowing that my utilities will be cut off because I chose to buy the item over bills that must be paid!

At any rate, my advice to anyone going through a tough financial time is to put the must pay or else items first, and certainly be wise in budgeting...but whenever possible don't forget to treat yourself to a little something now and then!


Kristen Hermanny said...

When you are down to your last nickel, it;s nice to get your shoes shined.
I here you on this. When I had some serious money issues, every payday I would buy myself lunch and an Espresso shake at Kavarna (a local at the time vegetarian restaurant). The Espresso shake actually had chunks of coffee bean in it, and it is still something I crave, but now it's 4 hours away...

Anonymous said...

SO TRUE! For me, it's spending $1.29 for the BEST soft ice cream anywhere at a place called Reid's Dairy in my home town.....hmmmm, can taste it now! Makes me SO happy!