Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Making Edgar in my Sleep

Edgar Allen Poe, that is...

When I first started doing miniature characters out of wooden clothespins, I made only female characters for the longest time. I found them easier to do. But, I knew that if I wanted to challenge myself, I would have to do male characters. Oh how I hated doing the suits...eeek! My first attempts were awful, in my opinion. I butchered them...

Well, persistance pays off folks...I kept at myself...learning, trying new techniques, and now I have practiced and learned and taught myself to the point that I no longer shy away from male characters... I can do Rhett Butler, Mark Twain, just about any one, kings of all kinds, and my top selling man character, Edgar Allen Poe and the Raven.

It takes patience to make things on such a small scale, but I have trained myself to have it and it has paid off...but as with most successes, it did NOT happen overnight! I have found that if you do something often enough, you can improve to the point that you really almost could do it in your sleep!

So maybe before I go to bed, I will bring my art supplies to my bedside tonight and see if an Edgar Allen Poe materializes while I am sawing never know!

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Caroline said...

Edgar looks great! ☺