Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paul Potts

Ok, you must be wondering since I have talked about Susan Boyle, and now, Paul Potts, that I must watch Britain's Got Talent. Well, I do, on YouTube of course... and I have to say Paul Potts won me over immediately as did Susan.

If you haven't watched him try out on Britain's Got Talent, I urge you to. There was something so touching about how he was this very ordinary guy, working in a cell phone warehouse, and he harbored this special singing voice that most likely his co workers had no idea he had. Then he comes very timidly ,and looking very uncertain, onto this stage-in front of the notorious Simon Cowell, and the other two judges, and a huge audience...and he belts out a rendition of Nessun Dorma that made tears spring to my eyes. I liked him so much, that I immediately went into action and hunted for his cd...and now I can listen to him sing all the time , especially in my art studio. I just love working to inspiring singing!

The story of Paul Potts and Susan Boyle makes me think of something constantly now. When we go out to work, or just our daily business...I am willing to bet that we are surrounded by people who have a talent that hasn't been broadcasted...something wonderful, spectacular, and like these two, it stays hidden from the public world.

Many extremely talented people have normal, even mundane lives and you'd never know they could sing beautifully, or maybe paint a beautiful picture, or a hundred other special talents.It goes to show you, once again, what looks dull, ordinary, or simple and plain on the outside, could be sheltering something unbelievably special. It sort of makes you look at those around you with new eyes, doesn't it? It's a lesson we all need to be reminded of, I think!


Ashley Pomeroy said...

I think that the Daily Telegraph has just "slashdotted" your Etsy store - it's permanently engaged. The dolls are very characterful.

Marg Hamilton said...

Debbie, you are definitely one of those hidden talents you speak of and I for one have had so many smiles from your stories and quotes and philosophy. Isn't it amazing that many of us 'mothers', although proud of that title, have many more titles that we deserve...good on you!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Thank you Ashley and Marge, your comments are so appreciated!! :)

Leslie said...

Hi Debbie!

I love your Susan Boyle dolls! They are amazing, you are so talented. I'm also partial to all of the Jane Austen characters. It's true, we never know what talent is hidden in the people that surround us everyday.