Monday, May 4, 2009

I Hate Having to Home Sell .....

No, we do not plan on selling our house - we just moved here a year and half I am hoping that doesn't have to happen any time soon. (But with the job market being so strange, who knows what can happen?) I simply do not like the whole process of selling and moving.... at all!

At any rate, I have been through two home sellings, and to me the worst part is trying to cope with the people coming in to see your house. I have gotten in some ridiculous situations with when I had just made dinner so everything was in shambles in the kitchen and the realtor calls and asks if they can show the house in 10 minutes . I should have said no, but what did I do? I said yes and proceeded to shove every pan, plate, dish etc etc under the sink in the cabinet, even the food... I have no idea what the people thought when they smelled fried chicken coming from under the sink, but I don't think they bought the house...someone else did.

And once when a realtor called and wanted to show the house...we set a time, and they walked in the door an hour early, (without knocking I might add!) There I was, with my four kids sitting in the floor, and I am pretty sure we scared those people as well as they scared us...

Or take the time I had had it with having to get out of the house on those spur of the moment showings so I decided I would climb up in the tall playhouse attached to the swingset in our yard. I thought they wouldn't even see me up there. What happened? The couple being shown the house looked out the window at the same time I decided to peek over the top of the play house and I think I turned them off from buying...After all, wouldn't you be deterred if you saw a middle aged lady in a kid's playhouse peeking at you at the house you were considering buying?

Well for now, I hope that is something we just don't have to do any time soon...I don't think I could stand the thrill of it all. But if we do have to, I am practicing the words, " Tonight isn't good, or tomorrow AFTER dinner.."


The Empty Envelope said...

LOL!!!!! Too too funny!!

Kristen Hermanny said...

My husband is flying to Georgia today to find out about his, and the whole company's jobs. He is the GM and will have to be the one to tell everyone they don't have a job if the deal goes through the way we are thinking.
We were looking at town homes around Christmas and the one we nearly bought was $400,000.00 I am glad we don't have that home payment with the realization that he may be unemployed.
I hope you get to keep your house. And I am really glad we are just renting right now. What a wonderful economy we have.
My aunt was just in the process of selling her home, and finally sold it, so I have been hearing her stories of the same kind, so this post was hysterical!!!

Lindsey said...

Oh, that visual of you peeking out a playhouse is hilarious!