Sunday, June 14, 2009

What I Do When Creating...

Do you ever wonder what other artists are doing when they're working on a new and creative project? What kind of music are they listening to? Do they watch television? Do they sit silently working? Are they sitting in a studio throwing scraps of material everywhere, or spilling paint on their clothes?

Well, here's what you will find me doing...Sitting at a large table by a picture window at the front of our house, my "studio" so to speak. You will see boxes of supplies sorted in various corners, and scads of fabric tucked in plastic bags in those containers...sorted by type of fabric. If you look under the chair where I sit, you will find a million bits and pieces of fabric, ribbon, that bit of trim I accidently dropped but didn't bother to pick up yet because I was waiting to drop more things to make it worth my while to bend over and pick up several things at once. (Sorry about that run on sentence!)

I also keep the curtains open so I can watch the neighbors, what few we have in the middle of cornfields, and see the storms playing themselves out on the unbroken horizon, or the sunsets...(I don't do sunrises, too hard to get up!)

The biggest thing I do though, while doing my art work is that I have to have noise. I know, you are thinking, "If she has four teenagers at home, why would she want more noise to do her work?" Working in silence is not my thing. Not any noise will do though. I have certain kinds of music I listen Paul Potts, Andrea Bocelli, and some gospel music. But, the biggest thing I do, is watch dvds of old t.v. shows and movies. I watch dvds of shows like- I Love Lucy, Waltons, The Andy Griffith Show, Little House on the Prairie, and ( ok, this may be weird)... but I watch The Three Stooges occasionally too.

And yes, you will most likely find paint, clay, and bits of thread all over my clothes...I have a work apron if I could just remember to put it on once in a while...

So there you have it, a little peek into what I do and where I am at when I am making my art. I always think it is interesting and a bit insightful to hear of how others do their crafting and designing a project.

Where and what do you do when you are creating???


RecreationalArt said...

Your dolls fascinate me!
I have awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award...Enjoy :D

Marg Hamilton said...

Fun read...I'd also add that for me the ultimate way I love to work is to stay in comfy pj's all day while I work! Interesting situation if the door bell rings. My neighbours all just expect me to answer the door in pj's. I'm only dressed if I actually have to go out for any reason on a given day. I love your writings!