Monday, June 1, 2009

Vacation Time

I don't know if our family will be going on a vacation this summer yet or not...but if we do it will most likely be camping in our pop up camper with a dog and four teenagers...doesn't that sound romantic? Actually it isn't so bad...

When I was a kid, I remember some vacations I never forgot- like the time my dad took us to Disney World. I remember I wore polyester pants that day, (I was 9) and there was a little cart train that took all of us to the edge of the massive parking lot. At that moment, the skies opened up and a sheet of rain came down so hard I couldn't keep my eyes open to see...and the rain quickly soaked my pants so that they slid to my my two siblings and I took off running like crazy trying to figure out where to go...we gave up and crouched down by a car to shelter ourselves, and pretty soon we heard my mom screaming "Kids!kids! Where are you?" (We still won't let her forget that one! ) And, to top it off, Dad had run to get the car and the rain was so bad, he drove past all of us and we had to chase after him!
After we got in the car, my older sister cried about her camera being wet..(sheesh!)

Or take the time Dad decided we should all go camping, and he bought a waterproof tent that was not waterproof...we found out the hard way when he set it up that nioght and it poured rain. Nothing stayed dry, not even the cereal, and of course my older sister cried- again!

Well, as many say, sometimes the things we do that seem not so funny at the time, will indeed eventually produce a chuckle in our memory. I know that to be so, because I still laugh at all the vacations Dad took us on and they ended up having some mishaps!

Hopefully my brood will do the same!

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