Friday, June 5, 2009

Yes, I Really Have Read it 12 Times!

Gone With the Wind, that is! I discovered it back when I was in high school...I don't remember how I found it...but I do recall liking it so much that every so often I would check it out again from the library, and read it over...and I really have read it 12 is one of my favorite fictional classics!

Not sure what it is that appeals to me so much..maybe it is the time period, the descriptive writing, or that all through it you want to be annoyed with Scarlett because she is so spoiled...but somehow you sort of end up liking her too...go figure!

One thing is for sure, I like the movie, but really can't say I like it like the book itself. As is common, the movie leaves out a lot of must have details to get the full effect of the characters and story . If you have seen the movie, but not read the book, it is a must read, I really mean it! You will get a lot more feel for the story and the characters so much better!

My niece gave me a leather version of the book this past Christmas and I was so happy I could have carried it with me everywhere I went! But for now, it sits on my shelf, waiting to be read for the 13th time in my life...and I just may do it!


Angela said...

You know I have never read it and never even seen the movie! I really need to put it on my list.

Anonymous said...

Love the hair and dress! ☺