Monday, April 5, 2010

The Artist Behind the Art

I love to sometimes take a step back and look at all my art work that is carefully
displayed in a four level glass and oak case. I think about all the hours it took me to get the characters finished, and wonder how I found the time- especially with having 3 teens, 1 college student, and a husband underfoot!

But you know? As anyone who enjoys doing any sort of favorite activity, we find the time to do what we want. So that explains how I have dones hundreds upon hundreds of characters. If I didn't enjoy it, I sure wouldn't be doing it. If you can't find me doing the laundry or cooking, you will most likely find me amidst a pile of assorted fabrics, paint, and bits of wood and doodads- watching episodes of Andy Griffith, the Waltons, or Little House on the Prairie...or maybe watching Les Miserables or The Count of Monte Cristo.

I enjoy my artwork, and I really enjoy the creative outlet it provides-hope you have one too!

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