Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Return of Good Weather- I Hope!

Well, things have been pretty warm here in Illinois lately. I got overzealous and decided to plant tomato plants- although I was told I shouldn't have until May 10th. (Shrug)....

At any rate, since I heard there was to be a frost last evening, I covered them with plastic bags just in case. Luckily there was no frost so all is well. I can hardly wait to taste a fresh garden grown tomato!

I also spent part of my day creating some new characters, since I can't seem to let a day go by without making something! (I feel restless if I don't!)

I decided upon making a Bride of Frankenstein, inspired by the old 1930's movie, and also made a Dracula, also from the old Hollywood version. I am not a fan of horror movies in any way, shape, or form- but the old vintage versions of the movie I have to admit though cheesy perhaps, are fun to watch!

So here they are, and try not to let them scare you too bad!


Leslie said...

MMM...I love homegrown tomatoes! Great job on the retro "monsters", I hate gorrey horror movies, but I enjoy the old black and white scary movies!!

Uneekdolldesigns said...

Me too Leslie...I cna't get enough of them in the summer. They beat store bought any day!