Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taking a Day Off

I took a day off from my art work this past Monday...
It was my husband's birthday, so he took the day off and hung around the house. He isn't like me, in that if I have a special day, I don't want to cook for myself- I would MUCH rather go out and eat. I want someone else to mess up their kitchen , wait on me, and I like leaving the dirty dishes for someone else.. But my husband would rather I cook for him...

So, I asked him what he would like and this dish is what he asked for:
Cyclone Pasta- made with marinated, grilled chicken breasts, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, basil and garlic in a creamy spicy sauce.

And, for the dessert finale I made a three layer from scratch German Chocolate Cake.
It turned out to be two layers because I dropped the third layer in the kitchen floor upon removing it from the oven. Oh well, guess it saved some calories, eh?

All in all, I enjoyed doing it for him, and I think it was kind of nice taking a break from working on my art- sometimes we all should do that to recharge our creative batteries!


LeelaBijou said...

They look both very yummy!

sassypackrat said...

Everything looks so yummy! I almost always have a German Chocolate cake on my birthday and did so again last month. I think it's sweet your husband wanted you to cook for him. It's very romantic. Hope he had a great day.