Friday, November 21, 2008

Telling on Myself

We've all had them...those moments when we wish the ground would open up and swallow us because we are so embarrassed....Trust me, I have had so many I can't count. But that being said, I also have a good sense of humor and I am my own biggest mocker, so I keep busy shaking my head at myself.

Take the time when I was at my mother- in- law's house at a big family then five year old daughter piped up out of the blue and said, "Grandma, guess what? My mom thinks you're bossy!" It was quiet for a few minutes, but luckily my mother in law didn't appear too angry. She said, "Well, she's right!" I still felt embarrassed, mostly because I knew I had said that a time or two to Hubby, and most likely had been overheard by little ears! (Lesson learned, though !) :)

Or take the time I went to a public restroom in a nice, swank department store...I left it, walked though the entire store, only to have a red faced customer tell me I had tucked the entire back end of my dress in my panty hose... (I bet THAT was a scary sight..) Oh well, you just untuck it and go on !

And a while back, I went to a big performance talent show to see my niece play piano...I dressed up in this lovely new suit I had just first time wearing it, and I felt swank and posh in it, too! I went in to sit down, and when I did- the whole skirt ripped up the entire back...I kid you not...and I have no idea why, unless it's because I had only paid 19.99 for it? Hmmm, sometimes you do get what you pay for.....How did I get out of there without frightening the crowd, you ask? I borrowed my niece's jacket and tied it around my waist, holding on to my skirt so it wouldn't fall off- needless to say, I did get some funny looks!

I guess I love funny things, and when I do have a blooper moment, it makes life all the more richer to me. Even if the joke's on me! I could write a book on those kinds of moments ,as I am sure we all could. My view is that life is often too serious enough without the more lighthearted moments. Enjoy them, and share them with others because laughter really is the best medicine!


Kimberly Monaco said...

I vote that you write the book... sounds like a great idea - so many women could relate - I'd read it!

Amariah said...

This post makes me feel so much better about my embarrasing moments :-) Good for you for being willing to share!

The Empty Envelope said...

Awww!!! I call myself a walking disaster. If it can be smashed into, fallen over, etc, I will do it!

My biggest one ever though, I think, was when I slipped down a muddy hill with a cake in my work clothes. On my way to work of course. Oh yes. That one was brilliant. I could do a whole blog post on Weird Things I've Done At or On the Way to Work.:P

Lanyardlady said...

This is hilarious! I've had many similar moments and agree that laughing at ourselves is the key to happiness!We're only human.

Angela said...

Just last night, I went to Wal Mart with my zipper down :)

Chris said...

Oh after a week of feeling sorry for myself with this dratted cold (and yes I have cos I'm a rotten you have got me sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks and spluttering (trying to do it quietly in case I wake up the street rofl!!)
I love the fact that you can laugh at yourself I think it is one of the greatest gifts... and we are soulmates in this one :D
My most embarrassing moments was when my knicker elastic snapped one morning taking DD to
My skirt was too tight(was young enough to wear them like that back then) to allow me to pull my panties back up... so I just had to allow them to fall and quickly step out of them and put them in my pocket.
I don't know who was more embarrassed DD or me but after the shock I laughed long and hard at the picture my face must've been...rofl
Thanks for making my evening my friend :D
Chris xx
Chris xx

Phoebe Brown said...

I posted my comment in my blog, it was just too long to put here! You may use it in your book, which I hope you write!!! There are just too many times I could relate, but this is one of the highlights!

Ali said...

I just had one on Thursday.

We spend Thanksgiving with my husband's family, and every year I meet cousins and family that I had not met before (he has a huge family). This year was no exception. While filling my beverage, there was a young boy (I'd say 10 yrs old) putting ice in his drink. He was wearing a cast on his leg. I asked him, "whatcha do to your ankle?" Come to find out he has some rare bone that will have to be removed, and it was obvious that it is a touchy subject.

Foot. In. Mouth.

I tried to make things better by showing him my scar from my ankle surgery (I had surgery from an ankle break), but I think it only freaked him out.

Why don't I know how to keep my dumb mouth shut? Ugh!