Saturday, November 1, 2008

Meet Bev Morgan

Bev Morgan is an artist I met through the connections on Flickr. She is a delightful lady and I find myself looking at her photostream regularly just to admire her lovely watercolor paintings!

I interviewed Bev recently and asked her some questions about her work as an artist:
"What type of art work have you been involved in?"
I started teaching elementary school right out of
Teachers' College and remained in that profession until I
took early retirement nine years ago. During those
teaching years I taught all the grades, and after obtaining
my Art Specialist taught art on rotary from grade one to
eight. Because art was gradually being cut from the curriculum, I then obtained my Library specialist and worked as teacher librarian until retirement.

"What started you in watercolors?"
I have always been involved in art in one way or
another, but did not start painting in watercolour until
about 15 years ago. I took a series of classes with
Phillipine born Canadian artist, Art Cunanan. I admired
his work so much and especially his ability to capture
light in his paintings, that I fell in love with the medium
and consequently began to paint exclusively in watercolour.
I still take courses, some still with Art Cunanan, since
there is always something to learn, and I am never disappointed.

"What are your favorite subjects to paint?"
I love to paint flowers. I am not a gardener, so most
of them are from other people's gardens, from our Royal Botanical Gardens or from the wild. I also love scenery, especially the rolling hills of England and the rugged Ontario north country. I would like to paint more interiors, portraits and still life, since all of these subjects are of great interest to me. I am inspired by light and shape. I seem to see these two elements first and try to emphasize them in my paintings.

"What venues have you displayed your paintings in?"
I show my work on a very regular basis either with a
group or on my own. I belong to three art groups who
sponsor shows throughout the year, and I show with three
other artists, we call ourselves "Watermarks", in art galleries, libraries and museums throughout Southern Ontario. I have two shows coming up this month in which I was invited to participate. One is in Oakville, Ontario, and the other in Vaughan, Ontario. There will be approximately 45 -60 artists in each show. I always seem to be struggling to decide what to show and where.

"Do you sell your works, and if so, where?"
Naturally, my work is for sale and can be purchased at
any of the shows I mentioned above. I also sell from my
home, through flickr, and more recently through the Red
Bubble site. If anyone on flickr is interested, they can
reach me through my flickr site and e-mail

Be sure and check out Bev's work on Flickr, it is a real treat for the eyes!

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Chris said...

OH WOW!!! Thank you for sharing with us some of Bev's work... what an awesomely talented lady.
I haven't seen her work before but I love how her colours pop off the page and her painting are truly delightful :D
Chris xx