Sunday, November 30, 2008


Sleeping is what I am trying hard NOT to do! As I type this, I am waiting for my young daughter to get home from her job, and it is past midnight. She has college classes early tomorrow, and I get up at 6:oo- so we are both going to have bags under our eyes!

(Ok, so she's younger and I am probably the only one going to have bags under my eyes...come to think of it, I have bags under my eyes even when I do get enough sleep...)

I have heard a trade secret of models is to use Preperation H on the eye bags, and yes, I have tried it. Does it work? I have no idea, but at least the area under my eyes doesn't itch-
Having four teens at home, you can lose a lot of sleep waiting up for them , but I guess I signed up for it when I decided it would be nice to have some children.
( I just had no idea my hair would be decorated in silver from all the gray hairs the excitement of raising them has caused-including a few bald spots where I have pulled my hair out on more than one occasion!)

Well, Hubby and I will survive these years... Actually, he is snoring away, perfectly at peace while I am doing the "mom" thing and waiting until our daughter walks in the door. After all, isn't that we moms do best...worry?
Hubby is kind enough to let me do all the worrying for the both of us-
(What a guy! )


Angela said...

I hope she makes it home safely. I have also tried the Prep H under my eyes :)

The Empty Envelope said...

Haha...I keep waiting for it to get easier...It's just always a different kind of hard...

Have a good sleep when you get it!

Chris said...

Whoa got heaps of catching up to do... you've been busy while I've been
I've heard of using prep H to get rid of the bags under your eyes but never really had the courage to try guess it's just the idea of where it's really meant for. Mind over matter ?? rofl... well I've got a funny mind :D
Chris xx