Saturday, September 27, 2008

Colors in the Sky

My husband and I were out on the porch one evening after a storm had passed through.This sky was what we saw, and it was so strange in color and formation that I urged him to go get a camera and take a picture before it disappeared . It was evening ,yet we were facing south and it almost looked as if the sun had set and was behind the clouds. Very strange yet beautiful!

Now, I know this has not a lot to do with arts and creating in some minds, but to me- well, it sort of did. You can find inspiration in the oddest of things... the colors of the sky , patterns in a piece of wood, a tiny flower, the curling on a baby's fingers around yours, the list goes on and on. The biggest reminder to me was that the simplest things can bring the biggest inspiration and make you realize that beauty really is found all around us if we look for it!

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