Monday, September 8, 2008

You Gotta Have This!

Take a look at this absolutely gorgeous bracelet designed by Holly at Bijoux d' Odalisque:

Doesn't it make you drool? I know I did! The combination of light aqua, pale lavender and creamy gemstones is so eye catching, it's just a beautiful blend of colors. I could just see it being the perfect accessory to an outfit where you want people to notice when you walk in the door!

Most of us think jewelry this elegant would be only for those rare occasions out when you dress to the nines...not so, according to Holly, the designer at Bijoux d'Odalisque.She says that you should dress up in your jewelry even on a trip to the grocery store! That sounds like fun to me!
So, never put yourself in a box, style wise. If you want to wear high heels to the grocery store, then do it! Hey, if you have to do something routine, why not spice it up? And if you love beautiful jewelry, (which most of us do) , then wear it when you feel like it.!

A final word:

You just have to visit Holly's jewelry shop at

You won't believe all the colors of beautiful gemstones she uses in her one of a kind pieces-But I warn you, you will need a kleenex while viewing because I promise you that you WILL drool!

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