Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finished at Last!

Whew! I finally did it...I worked all week on it and just finished my Wizard of Oz Dream Set.

I have just about all the main characters in it....I decided to add a munchkin in there because that was a big reason I found the Wizard of Oz to be so cute!

I love challenging myself, and although I have bombed a time or two in my challenges, (such as making good chicken and dumplings,) I usually conquer what I set out to do. Now I have to think of another one!

( I love getting commissions for that very reason, the challenge!)


Rachel r said...

These are so cute! People need to comission more!

Great talent! :) :)

Grandma Betty said...

Your dolls are so cute!

Thanks for following my blog!

My daughter does dolls of different kind!