Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Treats From Autumn!

Who doesn't like the autumn season? If you live where I do, autumn means leaves changing colors, a bit of nip in the air, and eating things like hot soup, cider, and sweets like spice doughnuts and candy corn!

Speaking of candy corn, don't you just love that cute little candy? I don't mean just the taste, but it's appearance, the bright colored stripes that look cheery and make fall seem a little special.

I found some cute little items when browsing Etsy today and I just had to tell you about them!

These sweet little guys can be made from a pattern that you can order from Homemade Zen .

If you like candy corn but can't afford the calories, this is the way to do it! They stand a mere 2 inches tall and the pattern makes 3 of them. Can't crochet? Then learn how or get the pattern for someone who does!

Another candy corn item I discovered was this absolutely scrumptious looking, candy coated gourmet apple by Double Dipped Sweets :

It's a delicious , fresh, Granny Smith apple coated in colored white chocolate...and they will even add candy corn pieces in the coating if you want! Just think of how good it would taste... why not start off the fall season with a tasty treat?

The perfect fall accessory to your autumn wardrobe is this candy corn bangle resin bracelet by
CherriesRockMy Socks :

You aren't going to find a bracelet this cute just anywhere! It has the candy corn right inside and think of all the outfits that it would go with!

Finally, I found some candy corn crocheted coasters designed at Crafty Cupboard:

These would be just what you need to sit those cups of hot apple cider on and herald the coming of the fall season! These are wonderfully priced at only 4 dollars for the set so get some while they are available!

There are lots of fun fall items available at these Etsy shops and more, so make sure you take a little bit of time and do some fall shopping. And while you are browsing, eat some candy corn to get in the mood!

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Erin, maker of chimes said...

I really like that candy corn bracelet!