Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Must Visit For Austen Fans

I really enjoy the Regency time period. The clothing worn, the language used, the novels written during that time period...ah, so much fun!

That is why I really enjoy Jane Austen's writings, they conjure up all kinds of thoughts and images in my mind. I love it when I find some one who shares the enjoyment of Jane's engaging novels, and that is why I am delighted to discover Austentations.

Austentions is a newly opened shop that features items that will please any Jane Austen follower! This shop features lovely notecards that feature witty quotes from Jane herself, and novel items such as a handmade reticule that really does look like what any of Jane's characters or herself would have carried. Austentations also features prettily made boxes that have tops that can be custom made in colors of your choosing, and they are covered in snippets of Jane Austen's most famous novels! How great is that?

I recommend giving this shop a visit,, it is sure to please an Austen fan! Visit Austentations at

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