Friday, October 17, 2008

Have You Visited 1337art Yet?

I like to feature other sellers from time to time, and today I am featuring 1337art found at

If you are a book reader, or know someone who is, then you should take a look at the selection of unique bookmarks that this shop carries. Like this one called Teatime:

With these bookmarks, you won't need to use scraps of paper to mark your page, you can be cultured and stylish while reading!

1337art also carries numerous other items such as ACEO cards, charms, supplies and magnets, and affordable jewelry such as these super cute pine tree earrings:

And take a look at this copper penny look bracelet: (It would make a "centsible" gift!)

These items are just a small sampling of what this shop has to offer in the way of hand made gifts, so why not go take a peek over there and see what else you might find !


Cookie Sunshine said...

Oh, I do like those bookmarks! The bracelet is really cute too.

Homemade Zen said...

I like the bracelet. Very neat!