Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Old Curiosity Shop

Well, I have done it now! I have decided to extend my business ventures and in November, I will be a vendor on Lollishops. (A new and upcoming website where there will be all kinds of pretty things for people to buy.) My new shop's name will be , "The Old Curiosity Shop", after one of my favorite author's books.

It has an official opening of November 28th, but on November 15th there will be a sort of pre opening ...most likely to get the word out before the big one!

I am truly looking forward to this, I love what I do and finding another opportunity to expand is exciting for me, as I am sure it is for others who find ways to do more of what they love doing!

Keep on creating out there and don't stop finding ways to have fun with what you enjoy doing!


Nicki Leigh said...

Grats on getting onto Lollishops! I had thought of applying, but I find I just do not have the time right now ;)

I also featured you in my blog today ;)

Cookie Sunshine said...

I look forward to the opening of your new shop. Good luck to you!

Chris said...

Oh what an adorable name for a shop...Lollishops... how cool is that. Congratulations on extending your business venture I am sure you will do wonderfully. Your dolls are just FABULOUS... totally love them all hun:)
Chris xx

always sunny said...

thank you for your comment! what a GREAT shop you have! i am happy you found me.