Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Take a Trip at Any Time!

Anyone that knows me for very long, knows that I love to read.

Not just anything, of course, but I do have my pet favorite types of books. If you look at my list on the side of my blog, that is like a drop in the bucket to what I enjoy reading, but at least it sort of gives you an idea of what I do like.

I went on a book buying binge about 5 years back. Maybe it was because Brian, (my husband) gave me something I have always wanted, (besides a house that was clean for at least one hour!) , library book shelves. Yes, oak shelves that reach from the floor, almost to the ceiling. And it has always been a dream of mine to have a library that had exactly the books that I personally put there. And now, it is a reality!

I think I like books, especially classics, so much because I never got to go to a library when I was younger. Don't ask me why- other than my parents didn't really see reading fiction as being one of those things that were of great importance to one's development. But, I fell in love with the library at my school, even though it was so small that you had to go outside to have room to change your mind....

At any rate, books are one of the best forms of entertainment I can think of. You can envision the characters, put faces on them without the preconceived ideas that you get when you have seen a movie. Movies based on books kind of spoil it for me.(That's another story!)

If you have books, you can go just about anywhere, and for a long period of time. It's an escape, and an education -more so if you read quality literature . There are also, admittedly, a lot of gobbledygook novels etc. out there too. So, reading is also kind of like become what you feed off of!

These days , if you are having to cut back on traveling, going out to eat, and maybe cutting out what you deem the luxuries in life, then remember to take a run over to your local library, or used book store. Find yourself some quality books, and take a trip to wherever you want to go, or learn how to do something new from them . A book will take you just about anywhere, and you won't even have to leave your couch or soft, comfy chair!


Chris said...

I'm with you on books... though don't take as much time as I used to, to indulge in a bit of escapism... think I may just have to rekindle my passion and lose myself for a while.
There is nothing quite like snuggling up on the sofa... book in one hand, drink in the other and a bar of chocolate to nibble
Chris x

Sue said...

your dolls are so intricate and very unique (I've never seen anything like them). hope u get lots of sales.

be back soon!